Week of September 14


An open conversation about atheism will take place at Lifetree Café.

The program, titled "What Your Atheist Friend Wants You to Know: The Conversation No One Is Having," includes a film featuring atheists' honest insights about their beliefs and their experiences with people of faith.

"There's a misconception that atheists aren't as moral as people of faith," says atheist Steve Graham. "But we can be just as moral. I have a complete and fulfilled life without faith. I don't feel there's anything missing from my life."



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  • — We all need to respect one another for their beliefs. Atheists can be good caring and loving people just like anyone else. But, just like us Christians, they too are people of faith. They simply believe the opposite of those who put their faith in Christ. I promote my faith and atheists promote their faith. We should not become angry or resent each other for our differing views. by Tom on September 05, 2014

  • — My husband, raised Catholic, is an atheist. I love him because he is a good man. He treats everyone the way he would want to be treated. He is honest, respectable and loving. I was raised baptist but now go to a Congregational church which I love. He respects my beliefs and I his. He is science based. I never question his morals. He is good through and through. When I think of Faith, I FEEL it. It is a part of me. It fills me. I just wish he could / would experience that. Feel what I do. Its enlightening. by Jessica on September 10, 2014

  • — I am an atheist myself. When I think of faith, it is the reason to believe without evidence. In that sense, atheists do not have faith. For me, to "feel" is just not enough. I need to know. Muslims and every other religion claim the exact same, that they believe because they feel. by Joey on September 14, 2014

  • — I'm atheist. I like the video. There are some really boneheaded 'what atheists think' articles and videos out there. This one is very fair. Good job Lifetree.
    Tom on Sep 5th says 'atheists just promote our faith' and 'we believe the opposite'. I won't name-call his comments but 'promoting faith' is a Christian thing, so I think you're just projecting your desires on atheists. You shouldn't do that. Try to listen to us. And saying "We believe the opposite" still implies the world revolves around your Christian beliefs, and we're just the 'other'. Try to listen to what we do believe. It's not the opposite of what you believe. It's independent of what you believe. The Lifetree video doesn't get into what atheists believe about the world and morality and meaning but there are lots of ways to find that out - without changing your beliefs about God one bit. You'll just learn a bit about others to help with understanding.

    by Jason on September 16, 2014

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