Week of April 8


To Heaven and Back:  Exclusive film of the author of the NY Times best sellerHeaven Is for Real

An exclusive filmed interview with Todd Burpo, author of New York Times best seller Heaven Is for Real: A Little Boy's Astounding Story of His Trip to Heaven and Back will be screened at Lifetree Café locations nationwide.

In 2003, Todd nearly lost his 4-year-old son, Colton. The boy's appendix burst, and he fought a life-threatening infection. To save Colton's life, emergency surgery was conducted. After the surgery, Colton began telling his parents about his "visit to heaven."

Several months after his surgery, Colton started talking about visiting heaven during the time he hovered between life and death in the operating room. He knew things he couldn't have otherwise known, described things he couldn't have otherwise seen. As the evidence mounted, Colton's parents had to decide: Had their son gone to heaven and returned?


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  • — I believe the boy saw KING JESUS CHRIST the LORD of lords and KING of kings. I have been hniavg similar visions whereby JESUS CHRIST beckons me from the sky, sometimes HE just appears so glorious and one can't look at HIS glorious face. Sometimes JESUS CHRIST looks so sorrowful. But all in all IN HIS PRESENCE THERE IS SO MUCH FULLNESS OF JOY. At other times JESUS smiles so sweetly HIS teeth are so well aligned as described in the Bible Songs of Solomon. The truth is JESUS CHRIST is no regarder of persons HE can appear to anyone just believe in HIM and get saved. The only way to eternal life is through JESUS CHRIST. There is no other name given among men via which we must be saved save THE NAME OF JESUS CHRIST, NAME ABOVE ALL OTHER names.GOD ALMIGHTY bless u as u choose to be saved and believe in HIS ONLY SON.MumbiKenya by Alvaro on April 01, 2012

  • — The thing that makes this holiday so wrfneodul is the warmth of good spirits. The problem is that we should all be this way, all the time. Why wait for christmas to spread good cheer, in a world that is so close to destroying itself. Instead of tripping over each other to look like the better man, why don't we treat each other as the better man? The christmas season has been entrenched with myth and legend and pagan practices to numerous of which to mention. One could, and probably have written a book on it. The christmas tree story itself is a ritual. St. Nick was a real man whose generosity and magnanimity won him a spot as Santa; but I think that if he were alive he would be appalled at what this world has done with him. I don't think Jesus hates this holiday, but it defeats the purpose to which he has called us. We need to be willing to have this christmas spirit all year long. Gods will on earth is what we should be concerned with, not a mad rush for gifts and celebration. by Debora on April 03, 2012

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